Test Information

Test Information

ACT (National):

This test is used for admission to post-secondary educational institutions. Register at www.actstudent.org

The ACT national test is held once per quarter. Test dates and registration deadlines can be found at


ACT Residual:

An ACT or SAT score is required to be eligible for academic scholarships at DSU. The Testing Center offers the ACT Residual Exam by appointment only (photo ID required) and rents space to ACT for the national test that is held once per quarter.
ACT Residual Testing Information

  • Cost – $100
  • The ACT Residual is offered by appointment only.
    • Please contact Debbie Bartlett at 435-879-4695 if you are interested in scheduling an exam.
  • Important Information about the ACT Residual Exam:
    • ACT Residual Scores are only valid at Dixie State University
    • ACT Residual Scores do not meet NCAA Eligibility Requirements
    • Testers must must wait 60 days to retake the ACT Residual.


Call 435-652-7667 to Schedule a CLEP exam.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit
This type of credit is given if proficiency is demonstrated on the CLEP exam. A student will receive ungraded course credit, which may fulfill general education requirements or provide elective credits, using the following procedures and guidelines:

· After a CLEP exam is taken, the exam score is assessed and ungraded credit is granted according to statewide and departmental agreements and DSU policy.

· This credit is posted to the student’s transcript when CLEP test results are submitted to the Registrar’s Office with a receipt from the Cashier’s Office for the posting fee.

· CLEP exam credit cannot be accepted if the student has ever received a grade in that course (including a ‘W’).

The minimum level of CLEP test proficiency and course(s)/credit are awarded as follows:

CLEP Test CLEP Score Credit DSU Credit Awarded
American Government 50 or higher 3 POLS 1100 (AI)
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature (w/essay) 50 or higher 3 ENGL 2200 (HU)
Biology 50 or higher 3 BIOL 1010 (LS)
Calculus 50 or higher 3 MATH 1030 (MA)
Chemistry 50 or higher 3 CHEM 1010 (PS)
College Algebra 50 or higher 3 MATH 1030 (MA)
College Composition 50 or higher 3 ENGL 1010
Financial Accounting 50 or higher 3 ACCT 2010
History of the US to 1877 50 or higher 3 HIST 2700 (SS or w/HIST 2710 = AI)
History of the US 1865 to present 50 or higher 3 HIST 2710 (SS or w/HIST 2700 = AI)
Human Growth & Development 50 or higher 3 FCS 150E (SS)
Humanities 50 or higher 6 ART 1010 + HUM 101E (FA + HU)
Introductory Psychology 50 or higher 3 PSY 1010 (SS)
Introductory Sociology 50 or higher 3 SOC 101E (SS)
Precalculus 50 or higher 3 MATH 1030 (MA)
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 or higher 3 ECON 2020 (SS)
Principles of Marketing 50 or higher 3 MKTG 2550
Principles of Microeconomics 50 or higher 3 ECON 2010 (SS)
Western Civilization I 50 or higher 3 HIST 1100 (SS)
Western Civilization II 50 or higher 3 HIST 1110 (SS)

Letters following course numbers refer to general Education requirement fulfilled. Course numbers ending in “E” do NOT fulfill a General Education Global & Cultural Perspectives (GLOCUP) requirement.

Call 435-652-7667 to Schedule a CLEP exam.


CLEP (Pay by Credit card online at clep.collegeboard.org): $80.00
DSU (Debit/Credit or E-Check): $25.00
Total: $105.00

Pay for a Test

Accuplacer Placement Test

Accuplacer:Cut Scores

  • Placement Test consisting of English, Math and Reading
  • Cost for the Accuplacer is $10.00 for each single section or $20.00 for all three when taken at one time.
  • 30 day waiting period to re-take the Accuplacer


These test are used for nationally certifying airman at different competencies.
Call 800-947-4228 for registration. CATS Homepage http://www.catstest.com/html/applicants/faa/


FCC tests are taken to obtain various LICENSES for radio applications. The licenses are broken down into testing ELEMENTS. All the applicant needs to bring to the examination is positive ID (similar to FAA requirements). Please note that there may be more than one element to a license. Different combinations of written elements are required for each commercial license.

BYU FLATS: Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service

This test provides students the opportunity to receive up to 12 semester hours of university credit by examination (some restrictions apply).
Go to http://flats.byu.edu for registration.

Schedule testing time at DSU by contacting Riley or Jason at 435-652-7667


See GED® page here: http://testing.dixie.edu/ged/

Kaplan NCLEX:

For entrance into the DSU Nursing program. $20.00 Testing Fee


This test is used for admission to Law School. The test consists of 5 objective tests of 35 minutes each and a writing sample of 30 minutes. The LSAT is a half-day standardized test required for admission to all 197 LSAC member schools. The Test consists of five 35-minute sections of multiple-choice questions. Four of the five sections contribute to the test taker’s score. DSC is currently not giving the LSAT.

MAT (Miller Analogies Test):

This test is used for admission to certain graduate programs. Often used in lieu of the GRE. The test consists of 120 objective analogies. Cost: $75.00 Go to http://psychcorp.pearsonassessments.com for more information.


There are no right or wrong answers on this test. Your answers will help show how you make decisions and look at the world. Knowing your own preference and learning about other people’s can help you understand where your special strengths are, what kind of work you might enjoy and be successful doing, and how people with different preferences can relate to each other and be valuable to society.


This test evaluates English Proficiency of non-native speakers. Go to http://cambridgemichigan.org/institutions/products-services/tests/proficiency-certification/melab/ for more information.

Testing Fee

  • Two checks required.
    • One for $40.00 to English Language Institute
    • One for $40.00 to Dixie State University

Extra Speaking Sub-test Fee

  • Two checks required.
    • One for $20.00 to English Language Institute
    • One for $20.00 to Dixie State University


The purpose of the test is to assist state boards in determining qualification of dental hygienists who seek licensure. $130.00 testing fee.


The purpose of the entrance test is to provide an objective measurement of the following:

  • Your science reading ability, comparing it against the level of mastery required for success in college.
  • Basic mathematics, the math necessary for you to function in academic courses.
  • Your effective speed in reading college level material.
  • Your study approach and your most effective learning style.
  • Assesses your grammar, capitalization, spelling skills, and your ability to organize your ideas in a written format.
  • Your science vocabulary strength for biology, anatomy and physiology, cellular biology and chemistry.

The Nurse Entrance Test (NET) strives to support you academically by providing diagnostic information about your basic academic and processing skills. The diagnostic report generated by this examination can alert both tutors and college learning centers to your special needs, so assistance can be given before you experience problems that may tarnish your academic record.
The NET is designed to help you identify which of your academic skills must be sharpened before you begin your advance education.


The Parapro Assessment was developed in response to the federal legislation known as No Child Left Behind, which was signed into law by President Bush in January 2002. The law mandates that beginning January 8, 2002, paraprofessionals be required to have one of the following:

  • An Associate of Arts degree
  • Two years of college
  • A passing score on a test the measures reading writing, and mathematics and the ability to assist in the instruction of reading, writing, and mathematics.
  • The choice of test or tests to satisfy the third option is left to the discretion of states and districts. Utah agrees by using this test for certification.
  • http://www.ets.orgpraxis, or call 1-800-772-9476.

Cost: $75.00


This test is used for admission to pharmacy schools and measures general academic ability and scientific knowledge. The test consists of 5 objective parts of 35 minutes each.
Visit www.PCATweb.info for more information.


The POST measures critical learning skills necessary to perform successfully in an entry level Police Officer Position. Available at the professional center by appointment only (usually noon to 2pm Fri.). Appointments can be made at 435-652-7667.
Cost: $50.00


Go to www.ets.org for registration information.


Go to www.ets.org for registration information.


Go to http://prometric.com


The PSB-Health Occupations Aptitude Examination is comprised of five tests and three subtests.
Go to http://psbtests.com for more information.
Cost: $40.00


PSB-Nursing School Aptitude Examination (RN).
Go to http://psbtests.com for more information.
Cost: $40.00


This test is used for admission to post-secondary educational institutions. The test lasts four hours. It contains ten separately timed sections that may appear in different order.
Go to www.collegeboard.com for more information.

TEAS (Nursing entrance exam for non-DSU students only; not accepted at DSU):

This 4-part assessment consists of subtests in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English (in that order only) with a total testing time of 3 hours and 29 minutes. Available at the professional center anytime they are open. See home page for current hours of operation.
Cost: $75.00